NCSY Student Board Application

Posted on May 1, 2017

NCSY Phoenix Chapter Board 2017-2018 Application

We are so excited that you are interested in being on the 2017-2018 Phoenix NCSY Chapter Board! The Phoenix Chapter Board is at the core of NCSY and is crucial to having a fun and successful year. The Phoenix Chapter is dedicated to creating a diverse, cohesive board and we want you to be a part of it! Being on board is a big responsibility and we want to make sure you feel prepared to take on the duties of a board member. In this document you will find the requirements and expectations for board members, as we well the information about board structure and the application/election process. There is an application attached to the back with further instructions. We are so excited to have you involved in NCSY next year!

Requirements and Expectations:

Being a board member is an amazing experience, but also an important responsibility. We ask you to understand the requirements and expectations for this position as you apply.

Requirements for board:

  1. Must attend all board meetings unless previously arranged with President/Shmuli.
  2. Must attend 80% of the NCSY events of the year unless previously arranged with President/Shmuli.
  3. Regional Shabbaton is REQUIRED.
  4. Board bonding retreat is REQUIRED.
  5. Must complete two check-ins throughout the year (we can set dates for this later) to assess work/attitude.

Expectations for board:

  1. Willing to attend every event with a positive attitude.
  2. Must be willing to work in a group environment and have strong communication skills.
  3. Must be imaginative and actively participate.
  4. Must have pride and and accept ownership of being a member of Phoenix NCSY.
  5. Follow NCSY standard conduct during and outside of NCSY events (details to be discussed at board bonding retreat!)
  6. Always be up to having fun 🙂

Application/Election Process:

After reading through the requirements and expectations, you are ready to apply! The application process will take place this spring, followed by a “trial/election”process next fall. A detailed timeline can be seen below. You will be required to turn in a application and contract by May 16th. Following that you will have a short interview. Board Nominees will be announced at the Awards Banquet. After this, board nominees will begin their work! Until the first event of the year, Board Nominees will be under review. At the first event of the year, if your trial period is successful, you are officially a 2017-2018 board member! 🙂

Timeline of Process

May 16th -> Submit the attached application with signed contract & typed responses.

May 17th – 22nd -> Have a short interview with NCSY staff or select board member.

May 25th -> 2017-2018 Board Member nominees announced at Awards Banquet (May 25th)

(May 26th is spring regional! Sign up soon!)

August – Board bonding retreat! Start of board members trial period.

1st Event of the Year – End of trial period & review. If you have successful trial, you are now an official board member.


Board Structure:

In order for the board to achieve its maximum productivity, each board member will fill a specific position. These positions are intend to help guide the work each board member is doing. Because each of you have unique strengths, we want to help craft a board position which really allows you to shine. Therefore, we will finalize any positions at our Board bonding retreat.

These three positions will be part of the board structure next year…

President: Plan and run board meetings, create task list for events, routinely check in with other board members, run the student newsletter that is sent out to the community.
Vice President: Fill in when President is absent, help coordinators with the work they need, help the president with work they need. Be in charge of NCSYer of the Month.
Chesed/Tikun Olam Coordinator: This position is in charge of spearheading a new project called: Give Phoenix. Give Phoenix is going to be a community service club that will meet at a minimum once a month to execute a community service project or activity and plan the next activity. The president of this club with work with our newly appointed regional staff chesed rep. – Sarah Leah Gormin to ensure the success of this club in all facets. Including, recruiting students to the club, organizing and getting everything in place for the activities and projects. That can include calling and arranging time slots at volunteer opportunities and shopping. This club can potentially also include a chesed mission trip.

These positions can be morphed based on your strengths…

Communication Coordinator: Social Media, Posters/Flyers, Emails.
Programming Coordinator: Decorations, Themes, Logistics of the event.
Recruitment Coordinator: Recruitment document, recruitment plan, make sure other members are recruiting.

In the application, you will be asked what type of position you would like to hold based on your strengths. You can keep this structure in mind when answering that question.

We are so excited you are interested in being on the Phoenix Chapter Board. If you have any questions, feel free to contact


Download the board application here:

2017 ­ 2018 Phoenix Chapter Board Member Application